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Another making bread question


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I have a Zojorushi and love it. I've made bread with it for over a year, but just now the bread is rising and falling. The change I made is using Red Mill flour. I've always used Gold Metal unlbleached flour until now. Could the flour cause it to rise then fall? Anyone know about Red Mill Flour? I wanted a more healthy flour, but not sure if this is causing the problem. I have fresh yeast and put everything in in order. This time I decreased the yeast by 1/4 tsp, but it still rose, then fell.


Any help?

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Well, it could. In theory, the new flour could be too weak (not enough gluten/protein) and could become (maybe) overworked by your machine and then (maybe) over risen and collapse. It could also happen if you let your bread rise too long, but you would know because it would be all over the inside of your machine.


Try a new batch with the old flour and see what happens. I had a similar thing happen with my old machine (breadman) and I thought it was my fault etc. Turns out, the thermostat was going. The dough was rising too quickly and the yeast would just get exhausted and the whole thing fell apart. It had a huge crater in the middle. That was when I got my zoji and no problems since.


I would call King Arthur first. They might suggest adding gluten powder to your bread. I generally add it anyway because those zojis are really strong and can be hard on flour. Or, I use actual break flour, that has more protein and can stand up to the machine.


I am dying to know why it happened....


I love making bread. It never stops driving you crazy, lol.

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I've also used King Arthur flour without issue. But I've never used the Red Mill until now. I've checked it as it rises and doesn't seem to overrise, in fact looks normal, then in the last hour or less it falls.


Good idea, I will check the ingredients on the flour. It's driving me batty!


I've never used "bread flour" per se. Just regular.


Just for curiosity, how do you all make your wheat bread? With 4-1/2 c of flour I add 1 cup of wheat out of that and the rest is unbleached white.


Either way, I'll have to try different flour...tomorrow.

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