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Can you answer a poll for my son?



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  1. 1. For kids 12 and under, do you prefer baths or showers?

    • Baths
    • Showers
    • Other (please explain in comments!)

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I voted "baths", but my 9 year old is starting to take showers now and that's fine too. I prefer baths at younger ages because younger kids seem to get cleaner in a bath than in a shower. To achieve the same cleanliness that they can get from just soaking in a bubble bath, I have to soap them down in the shower (or coach/remind them to do that themselves which may or may not happen) - so a bath is less work for me. ;)

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Other: either or both.


We have hand held showers in both baths. The kids often start out in the bath and then use the shower head to rinse their hair and body afterward.


Baths as babies and then like others, they all transitioned to showers around 6-8yo, with the occasional bath still thrown in. After about age of 6 or so, they only take baths to play in the water. If they need a quick rinse off, they started choosing showers around that age.

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My kids all hate getting their faces wet so have not really taken to showers. In this house we have a shower/tub combo and those always make me nervous because i know someone who slipped and hurt themselves. I may just need to get over it and encourage them to try showering because i am getting tired of washing everyone's hair in the sink.

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I voted other.


I know, I know, what "other" is there....the thing is, I prefer baths for them until they can soap up/wash hair w/o help. My older boys were both still baths-only or baths-mostly when we moved to Brazil (they were 10 and 6 at the time, youngest was 2.5). But then we got here and had no bathtub, so everyone's been showers ever since.


We did, the first year, buy a big ole bucket/bowl/tub sort of thing that we could sit in the shower for my then-toddler, until we got him used to the water of the shower. We'd fill up the bucket/bowl/thing and let him splash in there while I bathed him. We gave up on that after not very long and it's been all showers ever since.

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