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Just tell me to stop


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I have fallen into the pit known Critical Thinking Press. I have loaded up my RR wish list with a ridiculous number of their books, and I KNOW I don't need them. I don't even like them. I own a couple I actually needed and they are presented terribly. They are difficult to use and overpriced, but I make them work. How can a company that sells materials to teach critical thinking continue to make materials that are so non-logical in their presentation?


But, but, but..won't they make my kids SMARTER!!! Isn't that what we all want? Next year my son will be in 8th grade. 8th grade! Last chance to fix anything that needs fixing before high school. And, my younger son will be a 3rd grader, not too late to get started, right? right?




Tell me to get off the merry go round. I am making myself nuts. It must be February because I have suddenly decided I am the worst home educator ever, and clearly my kids need a bunch of expensive test prep materials to make up for their lousy education.


Boot to the head, I tell you!

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Step away from the computer after clearing your Rainbow Resource cart! It will be ok.


If you think they need some type of logic why not the logic stuff from Classical Academic Press?


As far as test prep, just keep going forward! I'm sure you're doing great!


It's February!

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I have bought 5 different CTP books and none of them were a hit. In fact only one was completed. They are very expensive And in my home, superfluous.. My kids never found them interesting or challenging even when used below the target age range.


So I know how you feel.


In fact I'm just tired if the curriculum merry go round all together.

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I have looked at Tin Man Press, and their materials are very nice. This isn't really about critical thinking as a subject, more about my own fears that I am missing things, and maybe if I buy enough CP books I will 'fix' the problem.


The truth is that my kids are very well educated and I probably have nothing to worry about. Probably.


I am using Critical Thinking Book 1, and that is laid out ok. But, I am also using Critical Thinking In United States History and the layout is just craptacular. It is just plain difficult to use.


I think the suggestion that I use the $$ to buy booze is the best one.

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