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Need some help for a large family in WA/OR


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I have a friend who is moving to Washington in just a few weeks and needs a hand, if possible. They're moving to the area of White Salmon, WA and Hood River, OR because the husband got a great job offer there. They have to move right away for the job which means that they can't wait until their house here sells, so they're planning on renting when they arrive. However, they have five children, so they're running into the problem where no one wants to rent to them because they have a bigger family. And after she pulls her kids out of the ps here, she's going to start homeschooling them, so she could probably use some hsing friends in the area, as well. ;)


So, is there anyone in the area there that could help? If you know of a landlord that would rent to a big family, or even a cheap, safe motel they could live in for a month when they get there, she'd really appreciate it. As of now, they have nowhere at all to stay when they get there. If anyone would like to contact her directly, pm me and I can give you her email address. She's a lovely lady, and it would be great if I could put her in touch with someone that might be able to help her out.


Thanks everyone! :)

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