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6 year old DS eval results

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I have had a crazy past two months with my two sons. My 17 year old, as some of you might have read, has been diagnosed with an LD instead of ADD as we originally thought many years ago. Now my 6 year old DS has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Mixed Receptive/Expressive Language Disorder. Interestingly, I believe this is EXACTLY what my oldest has although they gave him the diagnosis of Dyslexia, Dyscalcula and Written expression disorder.


So with that said, any suggestions for either? My DH wants to put them in school and I don't. I feel very strongly about keeping them at home and he doesn't feel very strongly either way so they stay.


My 6 year old is doing OT privately once a week for an hour and has speech therapy 45 mins once a week with his twin sister at the school. They were irate yesterday at the meeting that he was only getting 45 mins once a week. They recommended 2-3 x a week for an hour each. We are using PAL reading, HWOT K and Singapore K for my 6 year old


My oldest is having a vision therapy evaluation next week (he had the initial vision test and has great vision). I am working on teaching him cursive, he has a tutor for math. Any other suggestions? What kind of therapy can I get for him at his age?


I own Dianne Craft's Biology of Behavior and Brain Integration Therapy and am willing to use these too. Any suggestions for curriculum? I have heard of the orton gillingham.



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