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How is it going? Likes? Dislikes?


I'm looking to streamline next year for my rising 7th grade daughter. I would sub out math and add on science (significantly). I know noone has used MP grade 7 (I believe it's pretty new), but I was looking for reviews on the younger grades.

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I have been using 3rd & 5th this year, and I plan on continuing with MP next year. I don't use it exactly as written; I substitute a difference science, writing, and math, and I use R&S spelling at grade-level. When I start my youngest in 1st next year I will only use bits of it for him...I really like R&S phonics and penmanship, so I will be using those with him. I have already started him on MUS and SM, so I wil be continuing with one or both of those with him in 1st grade as well. I am going to let the kids choose which books they want to do for Lit from either MP or Blackbird & Co. next year; they are both good so I will let them mix the two.



I like that the guides for the different subjects are so adaptable to the student...they can be done almost entirely orally, with only as much writing assigned as the student needs. I love the discussion questions in all the guides; they definitely ask the student to do more than regurgitate the information...they require the student to think about what they read and form their own thoughts about it! I like that they go through books at a slow enough pace that the student can really dig into the book. I like that they schedule science, Bible, geography, and history once per week for one long session (even though I use a different science, I schedule it for one afternoon each week). My kids are still learning and retaining at this pace. I like the pretty books :001_smile: . I like that the Latin is presented in a clear, easy to learn format - I can't believe how much my kids have learned so far! I like the FMoR and FMoMA books...they are excellent for outlining from.



I don't like the looks of the 1st grade reading program (but that doesn't really count since I haven't used it!). It looks like R&S reading - not fun. I don't like paying $30 for a schedule that gives me one useful piece of information (the order that the Lit books are read and how many chapters per week are scheduled) - the rest of the products are pretty intuitive, so I am not sure why they are charging so much for it. Needless to say, I am paying $3 for the lit schedules next year and skipping the expensive ones! I am not so keen on their geography guides; I am not sure that my kids are getting anything out of them...I might return to EM daily geography next year.

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We have used MP for the past several years, and I love their materials. They work really well for our family.


We started 4th grade at the beginning of the year and are finishing up week 5. Here are my observations so far:


First Form Latin: Wow, I'm really impressed. This program does an excellent job explaining and presenting the info. The workbook is excellent.


Famous Men of Rome: We break this into smaller chunks over 2-3 days. My son likes the color pictures and the stories. He says this is his favorite subject so far. We bought the flashcards and make new vocab flashcards every week. We review for five minutes daily and things are going well.


Insects: I really enjoy the reader for this course. It's much more Charlotte Mason-y and interesting to read. My son likes the diagrams in the workbook. I appreciate the overview of classification at the beginning of the course.


Geography I: We did the States & Capitals course last year and eased into this year's geography. The maps in the workbook are nice. The only problem is that some countries are passed over (like the small ones in the Middle East), which we'll add in along the way.


4th Grade Lit: We read their suggested titles, but prefer the VP guides when we can get them. VP's lines are bigger and I don't have the time for a ton of discussion about each chapter.


We don't use Christian Studies because we do family Bible Study. We use CLE for math and grammar, R&S for spelling (as recommended), and WWE4 for writing.


Now that we've gotten into the groove, I can tell that it's going to be a good year. My son is working more independently and is genuinely interested in what he is learning.


My younger kids (2nd, K, and Pre-K) use some MP materials, but we have a considerable reading/writing imbalance, so we use other resources. Starting at 3rd grade, though, MP rocks!

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We are using most of the 3rd grade curriculum and really like it. We plan to continue with 4th grade next year. We do separate math and spelling and supplement science and religion. I am very impressed with everything we have used. The products are extremely high quality and the customer service is outstanding. I am particularly impressed with their responses on the forums. I love the extras in the lessons plans- the daily recitation (memory work) is fantastic!

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We are a devout Catholic family and have not seen anything objectionable at all. We also use the Christian Studies. I have also not found anything objectionable in it. We do add to it (catechism study and liturgical celebrations/study)


Edited to add- we are only in the first year of the Christian Studies, but I am familiar with the Golden Bible and don't see problems with using Christian Studies I-IV. However, I can't give any info about the Christian Studies for older ages. There is a Catholic MP yahoo group that may be worth asking in. You can also ask in the forum what the older level of Christian Studies entail and if any Catholics have used it.

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