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Replacing windows in a 60 year old house...


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I did this a few years ago. I assume you've researched the different constrution techniques? wood, vinyl clad wood, the various ways they do vinyl (some are better than others) low-e, etc.


for the installation, how will they seal them to the siding? flanges and under (gives a better seal) or no flanges and abut?


I don't remember what brand costco carries - but that guy gave such an inflated number - then dropped - that when he was all done he was still way overpriced. I got milgard and we *really* like them. such an improvement over my 1982 aluminum double pained windows. I don't have the heat gain in my west facing room, and they're quieter to outside noise. (nor do I have the water in the track problem.) nor is there as much cold off the window in the winter.

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I'm probably going to get a few estimates for this soon. Anyone know what questions I should ask apart from how much it will cost? Thanks!



How long they are covered for leak, seal breech, etc.

How long the company has been around. I had some paving done, and the guy, I found out, regularly closes his business and starts up under another relative's name, so he doesn't have to be responsible for problems.

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Know how much glass you're going to get. We put in all new windows thinking the panes would be similarly sized, but it turned out we lost a lot of glass due to the thick frames which we didn't realize we were buying. The house looks a little odd as a result. Try to get the glass measurements put in the contract.


Learn the proper terms for the various parts of a window so you can accurately discuss what you want.


Pella has window recommendations for different climates. Here is info for cold climates:




Windows are the *soul* to your house -- and expensive ones at that -- so take your time and choose wisely. Go to a showroom if you can. It's worth the bother.

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I recently had replacement windows installed and I really regret not having the interior trim replaced at the same time. Below are a couple of useful questions:


1. Does the estimate include the replacement of existing rotted sill/frame material if encountered? If not, how much would that typically cost?


2. Does the estimate include new window casing (i.e. exterior window trim)?


3. If you are planning on utilizing a tax credit, ask to have the cost of the windows separated from labor on the invoice/cost estimate.


4. How long will it take? Who will actually be in your house performing the work? How much work spaced do they need? Do you need to move furniture or will they? (I would suggested doing it yourself if you can).


5. How will they insulate around the new windows?

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