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Boy or Girl? Answer Inside!



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He's beautiful already!

Awww, thanks!

I voted girl then saw the results. I've never been good at reading those images so if you say boy, I'll take your work for it.

Can't see it in the pic I posted, but the tech showed us during...and yup, it's a boy, LOL!

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Due date's also been moved up to June 30.


Poor Princess teared up though...she wanted a baby sister




fil's 18yo sister was angry he was a boy - the only other girl in the family died in infancy (early 1900's). She refused to look at him for three days. then . . ... she fell in love. she was like a second mother to him, especially after their mother died.

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MIL took the opportunity tonight to say she wanted a girl. And then to go on to say b/c that way Wolf would have '2 girls and 2 boys'.


Once again, Wolf corrected her, saying he will have FOUR boys and TWO girls.


I am so sick to freakin death of her pulling this kind of crappy stunt. Wolf has made it VERY clear to her, ALL of the children are HIS, regardless of genetics. Just as SHE is HIS mother, via adoption, not genetics, he is the Dad to ALL the children, PERIOD.


I just really lose it when she makes comments like this.


You would THINK that someone who's adopted would have a greater than average understanding of why GENETICS aren't the tie that makes a family, but the love you give and share to the child.



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