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Help needed - Health Curriculum for ds 10


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Yesterday, as we were talking ds said he does not like our health book - Abeka 5 Enjoying Good Health - he finds it boring. This would be his 6th yr.doing Abeka Health and they do tend to repeat, repeat, repeat!! Also, last year I went out of the box and added tons of hands on, computer, lap-book etc. mostly on the human body. I believe we have watched every MSB, Bill NYE, DK eyewitness Khan Academy movie/show.


So what to do - would you let him test through each chapter?


Skip Health altogether? (It is not required by our state to have health at this age.)


Change to something else?? If change please give suggestions (as I am at a loss)


Or Is there a good book with activities we could read? (we do science and hist. this way)




Thank you,

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Personally at this point in time and after 6 years I would skip health for now. I might skim the 7th or 8th grade health for topics not covered, I believe 7th is where they talk about drug useage and have a discussion about that (if you haven't already) otherwise I would just wait until high school.

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