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An Update on my student...


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So she recently spent the day with the other half of her family and it was requested to send her school work for the day...I saw her at music lessons, but found she hadn't done any work yet that morning....but assured me that it was going to be done before today.


And then I get a textd picture from her mom...JGirl was found off in a quiet room with all her books stacked along the desk, just working away; on her own accord...


I'm just excited and happy because maybe it's sinking in how this is just up to her. No one else...I also think the last detention we had helped her in it's own way, because she found out that instead of working hard in detention, that I'll pay the youth to work with me around our farm! She also worked hard that day...for a number of hours....per her main set of parents request. It was good and though we were working, we laughed and talked and had as good a time as one can have while working like we did ;)


Today she showed up with all her work completed and completed well from being absent the day before. I was very happy for her and we all gave her a round of clapping and cheers, lol. These kids are super silly when together because there is no one to judge them. She has definitely come out of her shell in the almost 8 weeks she's been with us.


I'll still be meeting with the parents this weekend, but I have actually seen them separately this week and spoke with them about a few things.


On another note...we had a little classroom council this morning and it was discussed as to what everyone's thoughts were on another student being here 2-3 times a week. He's a child we already know and are friends with the parents. Our sons are good friends and they have a great time together. It was unanimous that they would love another friend during the week and so we shall see...I'm meeting with my friends this weekend to chat....

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