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how to assign grades (As) and what to do with pluses (or minuses).

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So, I was assigning an A for each class where there was A level work, which to me means 4.0.


DC took a class with an outside provider, and they have awarded an A+.


I am thinking what to do, since now the As I gave DC might appear to be a lower grade than the A+.

I am thinking of giving additional work in my courses where DC received an

A, to give the chance to bring it up to A+ (since A+

is more work, more assignments, etc.) (e.g. assigning extra novels and extra papers on top

of what we plan for courses, or for music requiring 200 hours of work instead of 180 per



In researching this, I found the following.

A+ is supposed to be more than 4.0; it can be 4.25 or 4.5 or varies.

Some people award 5.0 for an AP class where the student did A level work. That really

throws me off, as I don't intend to award any 5s anywhere.


If I get rid of the + he received from the online course, he will appear to have received a lower

grade than other students who do report their A+.


What should I do with the +? Should I bring all my home courses up in work so they are

able to get awarded A+? I wasn't going to bother with pluses or minuses but the

online course people awarded it.


What do we do with +es and -es? And should anyone ever have more than 4.0 on

their GPA, even an excellent student? It seems a little silly to me--but I feel bad changing

the grade they awarded. I suppose I could just grant 4.0 to the A+, just like any normal



What do you all think?

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What we did --


Our transcript just listed A's and B's, and our grading scale only listed A's and B's.


For outside classes listed on our transcript, we dropped the +'s and -'s and just listed the grade. However, we had the schools where they took classes send a transcript to every college (yes, that meant lots of transcripts!), and those obviously listed the + and - parts of the grade.

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Echoing the others--we recorded only As or Bs on the transcript, no plus or minus. You can weight or not weight your student's GPA (giving more credit for AP, honors, dual enrollment, etc.). I didn't.


The colleges to which she applied each had their own system for weighting. One school gave two extra points for those "special" classes (in the first paragraph). Another school calculated GPA by using grades from only core classes.

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