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Math on the Level

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We've had this curriculum on our shelf for a year and a half. I bought it because this was exactly what my accelerated math learners needed, a self-pace with measured progress and limited drill problems. We'd been bogged down by spiral math for too long and my extremely math-minded kids started to say things like, "I hate math." "Math is boring." OH no! Not in my house!! ;-)


We took a month-long break from math at first just to clear the air of the old curricula. When we started back up in this math, we found our place, but need so much practice with the multiplication facts. I feel like we've been on fact drills forever and can't make much progress. On top of that. I feel overwhelmed being the one to choose the next topic of study. To be honest, we've made very little progress and we need to get back to the swing of math.


Does anyone use this successfully and how do you choose which topics to address next? I've just purchased some Life of Fred books to hopefully give us a framework. Who knew that I was the one that needed more structure?

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I had the same experience! I sold mine. I just scanned some of the math 5-a-day pages the kids had done...they so loved those, but I couldn't keep up with it. I loved the idea of it, but I just couldn't get it done. We are all happy, now, with Math-u-see...easy on me, and the kids appreciate the structure and fewer problems per page (compared to more strenuous curriculums, not compared to Math on the Level). The best part is that it is manageable for me, because if I can't get to teaching, videos help out! I admire people who can make MOTL work, but it wasn't me. My mathy kid loved LOF! But...it didn't seem to provide enough practice to make him solid on the concepts...so it took a back seat, too. We might try it again with Algebra, but only as a supplement. You'll eventuallly find the right groove...but sometimes its tricky finding something that fits the moms & the kids! It might not be MOTL.

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I just MOTL and am so excited to get it. I have been spending some time over at the MOTL yahoo group. There is a ton of helpful info on there. Look at the "link" button. I'll let you know as we get going - but I have got to really stick with it. I am of the mindset to keep on going even if a child doesn't memorize all facts because the continued practice that she is getting will help her get there (hopefully). I know on the right brain yahoo group (homeschooling creatively) they mention that just letting their right brainers have the visual chart of the times table, and eventually their kids get it.

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