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Where do I go from here?? Logic of English possibly?

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My son just turned 10 a few days ago. We got a diagnoses last year of Dyslexia and written expression disorder. He also scored extremely low on his working memory but his scores for long-term memory were very high. We did about 9 months of OT along with Interactive Metronome. We saw some improvements with his OT even with his memory. We were discharged in June. He was also recieving OG private tutoring 1 hr a week for a year. Because of relocating to a different state we had to stop the tutoring. His tutor was very confident that I could continue to tutor him myself. She used the Recipe for Reading along with ETC and some other techniques that came along with training.

I also have Recipe for reading on my shelf. It doesn't seem as open and go as I thought. I'll have to take a deeper look at it tonight.


I'm currently using ETC 5 along with AAS 1 (almost done). I feel like our lessons are a bit disjointed. I'm looking for something that can put it all together for me. Any recommendations or words of wisdom will be appreciated.




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If you think he'll stomach it, you might try a bit more metronome work. But this time target it and do it yourself. We did some (should go back and do more!) using a metronome app on the ipad. Heathermomster has described the homework exercises her IM person had them doing. (clapping, tapping, some midline crossing, etc. to the beat). Well I figured we could UP that a bit if we threw in some working memory (yeah!) and talking (ability to coordinate and get out thoughts with distraction, double yeah!). There are some websites online I came across that suggested incorporating that metronome work onto anything (writing, handwriting, you name it). So don't go overboard, but I think when you know specifically what you're wanting to tackle, it can be really powerful. Definitely try doing the digit spans with metronome and IM-style motions. Might get you a breakthrough there.


It sounds like what you wanted was reading curriculum advice. My dd UTTERLY REFUSED to sound out words for years and years and years. She finally started about mid-way through VT. Just for your trivia, it's always good to get those eyes screened to make sure there's nothing going on there that's affecting it. You can have both eye problems and dyslexia. Anyways, I think part of the problem with her not sounding out was the physical eye stuff (how things were converging and tracking and whether she could pull the double images together, resolve it, and still have a CLUE what she was looking at with her limited working memory), and the working memory problem. The way she stumbles with working memory is EXACTLY the way she would stumble when trying to sound out words.


You do know my utterly refused thing is hyperbole and that I always write like that? She did sound out a little, but she balked and balked and hated it, was very mulish, refused as much as possible. If I FORCED her to, she would do a little. I totally gave up. SWR/Sanseri says to spell their way into reading, so that's what we did. We parsed the words aloud, wrote or formed them with tiles, then read them back. After she understood the components, I put the words onto flashcards for her to practice to build fluency. So she understood all the components of how the words worked but never sounded out to read. All reading was through that memory and her auditory memory of all the audiobooks she had listened to over the years.


So if you're having him sound out words to read and it's not going well, one it might not be essential, and two it might reflect a vision problem.


Beyond that, I'm not help. The np saw fit not to give her that label, even though her decoding remains a fair chunk (20%?) below her reading comprehension, despite years and years of SWR, blah blah.

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Logic of English is amazing. My girls aren't that old yet, but I am planning on using their Essentials curriculum with them after we finish the Foundations program. I am super impressed. DD1 (6 1/2) has been a reluctant reader and Dyslexia runs in DH's family, so I am trying to be proactive. LOE includes

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Systematic Phonics
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar
  • Fluency
  • Writing


So it is really quite comprehensive. All that to say is I am super impressed so far. They also have some great videos on their site.

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