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I found a way around Chemistry

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In my pursuit to find a less painful way to study Chemistry I decided to check with the local High School and the University that is right in town (not a CC but a real university) and see what exactly they say about needing this subject. According to the student handbook for the high school you need 4 yrs of science: a foundation course, Biology and 2 years worth of science electives. There are many electives to choose from:ecology, micro biology, botany, physics, chemistry, plus tons others. As for the undergraduate requirement for the University, you need 3 yrs of sciences, of the three years 2 need to be either Biology, Physics, or Chemistry. He has Biology and will have Physics. He just needs a third science. So according to these two sources, he does not NEED Chemistry. I even called both places to verify this.


But don't shake your head in disbelief and disgust ...He will be getting a basic course in Chemistry, I am thinking ACE Paces or something similar plus some of the book recommendations I got from my other thread and this video


Nothing rigorous, but he will have some chemistry knowledge.


One more area I need to look into before I am convinced of this plan. He wants to go military after High school so I am going to check and see if Chemistry is needed on the high school transcript.


Just wanted to give this update since I posted the other thread (which I received lots of helpful advice/ideas/recommendations)

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