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update on my issues with my son


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I picked him up from his father's house yesterday. We talked and argued and hashed out some stuff in the car on the ride home, but not super productive. He did eventually listen, and was well behaved at home. He didn't try to get around his punishment but did complain of being bored. Later, after the littles were asleep we had a family talk. He was SO good!!!!! I could see those prayers working! He was contained, contrite, and made sense!!!! (in the future we will avoid conversations in the morning...he obviously is a night person, and this was a much better talk than in the morning!). What was important is that he seemed to finally realize, and accept, that no one is out to purposely anger him. That we don't wake up in the morning with the goal of annoying him. We all are way too busy to do that! We agreed on some rules, and then DH has DS write up a plan to earn his stuff back. He did, and was pleasantly suprised that we were willing to work with him, and he, IF he sticks to it, will get his stuff back sooner than he had thought, so all ended the night pleased. And as reward for sitting and talking calmly about it he is now allowed to access his facebook on the main computer in the living room. The homeschool group kids are on there, and it is how he keeps in touch with them. (it is monitored, I have passwords, etc).


It was so nice to go to bed with peace in the house!!!!


Oh, and we also discussed that he needs more sleep, as he has grown 5 inches in the past 6 months it seems!

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I must have missed a previous thread...I am going to go look for it in a minute. My ds is about to turn 13 and has also grown about 5 inches in less than a year. His voice is changing, his face is constantly breaking out, he is angered easily...sigh. Some days I want to just hug him and some days I want to smack him.


Edited to say, I should have read original post first. My issues with ds aren't that kind and btw my smack him comment was not literal.

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