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Using vintage children's books as SOTW literature?


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Sorry, my question isn't clear lol. I have been lucky enough to find some amazing sets of vintage children's story books at my local Goodwill and consignment stores. I have My Book House (complete), Best in Children's Books (I have 13 of these but I don't think it's a complete set, I'm not sure how many are in the set?) and Colliers Junior Classics (complete). I'm trying to make a list of additional literature for our SOTW 2 studies for next year. I'll have a 5 and 8 year old listening. I'd love to use what I have already, especially because I know these are quality books and we haven't been using them as much as I want. Does anyone have these books and know of any great stories that would match up with SOTW 2?

Or, if you have vintage books like this, how do you use them in your Hs? I really want to get us reading them, but with all the other stuff we have, we just forget.


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I just took the TOC and a timeline and plugged in the existing books and some other vintage ebooks as I wanted to read them. I don't stress about it if I can't figure out where it fits though. For those I just couldn't figure out, I put on the "To Be Read This Year" list and in no particular order. Then, we just allowed the kids to read the ones they could read and used the other ones as story time books. I have found that the kids do just fine reading out of order, as it reinforces the concepts they've already learned or whets their appetite for something we're getting ready to learn.

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