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Are there any vintage currics for K?


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Everyday Number Stories is cute, but it does advance very quickly. I can see it being a nice diversion from the same ol curriculum, and a great supplement. There are 136 page and 108 lessons. In that space it moves from adding numbers through 10 all the way to multiplying and dividing through 144. It includes money, fractions, measurements (pint, yard, peck, pounds, etc), +-/x, skip counting, square inches. It has delightful illustrations and fun word problems. I can see it being a full curriculum over a couple of years if you are diligent branching off and providing additional work. It is fun to use this with hands on approach. My dd thoroughly enjoys it when we use it and she is NOT a math person.


My dd could have not done very much with this book in K. Only a small part in 1st.


I don't know of any vintage books for K. Probably because the mindset of folks back then was to let their child play instead of doing school work. Not saying either way is wrong. I personally like a happy medium. =)

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I don't know of any vintage curriculum besides possibly part 1 of A Manual of Elementary Education by EA Sheldon. It is free at Google. https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=B12sdTKGTcsC&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&authuser=0&hl=en&pg=GBS.PA3

Vintage books may be hard to find for kindergarten as it was not really "academic" until the mid 1900's.

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