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AAS - too much instruction?

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My DS8 has been using AAS for the last year and a bit. I found book 1 to be very helpful and just right in terms of instruction. About half way into book 2, I started to feel like there was just too much instruction for my DS who is an okay speller. When we got to open closed multi-syllables and how to divide them to spell (about half way into book 2), it began to feel tedious, almost remedial. I feel DS needs some instruction but not the amount AAS gives. Its too much, too explicit. I have searched here to see if anyone else has felt the same but couldnt really find much. We are about to finish level 2 in a week or so, and I am not keen to start on level 3.


Just as a bit of background, we have tried Sequential Spelling (bombed - DS is a not a spelling lists kind of child). We tried Spelling Workout (no retention and it felt like busywork).


I dont want spelling to take up a great deal of time, especially when the time can be better used on other subjects.


I am particularly interested to hear from those who have used AAS, and then dropped it during or after level 2, and what you picked up instead?


Thanks :)

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We have continued into Levels 3 & 4, and it does pick up the pace considerably. I like AAS, but I have often thought that if I did switch, it would be to How to Teach Spelling with the accompanying workbooks. I use it in conjunction with AAS to find harder words that apply the same rule we are learning in AAS. I *think* you could go to HTTS book 2 after AAS 2, but don't jump straight to book 3. Book 3 of HTTS is about a grade 4-6 level, so significantly beyond AAS 2.



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