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syntonic phototherapy?


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One of my sons did syntonic phototherapy as part of his vision therapy about 2 years ago. He had convergence insufficiency, strabismus, and some suppression issues.


My son had to do the phototherapy and NeuroNet before we could go on to "Phase II" of the treatment, which was the more traditional vision therapy stuff.


It was weird. I was totally skeptical, but I figured we would go along with it for awhile.


Basically, he looked into a machine that shone a light through a blue/violet lens. I think he had to do this for about 20 mins. each session, and we did this for several weeks. We got to take the machine home with us for daily use, but we had to go in to the developmental optometrist's office once a week to be tested and to see if they needed to change the colored lens. They also tested his functional visual field. He started out having a narrow functional visual field (kind of like tunnel vision). The technician let me watch, so I could see what they were doing, and my son did improve. Before the therapy, if he was asked to copy something from the board, he would look at the board, write about three letters, look back up, find his place, get three more letters, write that down, look back up for the next three, etc. He wasn't very efficient. After the therapy, he could "take in" a whole sentence or at least several words at one glance. I'm not sure what other improvements were due to the phototherapy. We were doing the NeuroNet at the same time. I still don't understand how it all works.


I will say that the vision therapy was well worth the money and time and energy for my son (and also for one of my daughters whose vision therapy was for different problems). My son's reading and writing are markedly improved. He can mentally focus on his work for a longer time now without daydreaming. He also seems more coordinated and not as nervous about little stuff. As far as the phototherapy, I'm not sure what it did beyond increasing his functional visual field, but I think it was worth the effort.

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