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Workbook-ish supplement to OPGTR?


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My son is close to finishing up McRuffy phonics. He really enjoys the workbook pages with the little word sliders, cutting and gluing, word matching, word find puzzles, etc. I don't plan to continue with McRuffy because the next level looks like it requires a lot of writing, which he is nowhere near ready for. I've thought about switching to OPGTR, but I think he will miss the workbook aspect. I can hunt around for printables on Pinterest and such, but I'd love something a little more open-and-go. If the sequence is a little different, that's fine. I don't mind skipping around within a workbook. But coming up with everything on my own would take more time than I feel I have. Is there anything you recommend that would have some little workbook pages to supplement OPGTR but doesn't require a lot of writing (circling, drawing lines to match two columns, and a teeny-tiny bit of writing letters would be fine for him)?

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