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I just bought IEW's SWI B.


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Absolutely not. I went with the advice that no matter what, I NEEDED to get TWSS too. That I wouldn't fully understand the program without it.




Think about it: the kids who are sitting in the classroom during the actual SWI course are there for four days straight, without their parents. Andrew Pudewa is teaching them, and he knows what he's doing. So yes, you can definitely use SWI without TWSS.


Having said that, there were some helpful parts of TWSS that speak directly to the teacher not so much about the actual teaching of writing skills, but about expectations, etc. That one point, in particular, was appreciated by me. Honestly, though, I can't remember anything else from TWSS.


FWIW, I sat through SWI with my ds, and we worked through it together.

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