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Dr. Hive: Hip Pain?


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I fell down my parents wooden stairs 3 days before Christmas. I was on the second top the to stair in tights and a dress with no shoes and when my foot slipped I thunked all the way down on my left side.


I ended up with bruising and broken nails on my right hand, probably from trying to grab onto something as I fell, and a NASTY bruise on my bottom along with bruising on my ribs and breast.


The bruises are all gone now, although I still have a long thin lump in my bottom with a dent above it....soon pretty!


Since then we have moved, I slept on an air mattress for a couple weeks, and I've been doing lots of sitting on the floor, kneeling, bending and lifting with only the expected soreness.


But for the last couple days my left hip and bottom have gotten progressively more sore.


Standing is the least painful position. I took a hot bath and some tylenol last night, which helped for a bit, but its worse today. Its a sharp paying that runs from my left lower back down the middle of my left but cheek and into my leg, and radiates out into my actual hip joint.


It seems like and awfully long time after falling for this to happen, but its really uncomfortable and I don't know how to relieve it, or if I should worry.

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