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WWS Textbook like the WWE hardcover book?

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No, and it is a terrible pity. I would kill for a similar product, because I strongly believe in writing across the curriculum. I also think reluctant writers are less likely to be reluctant if they write across the curriculum. There is only what you can glean from the few pages devoted to WWS in the WWE hardcover, WTM, and her writing talks (which are quite good). Oh, WAIT! I just realized that she put out a S&S! Let me see if I can find the link. I just saw my print-out of the hard copy the other day...

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I agree, "The Complete Writer for the Logic Stage" would be so incredibly useful!!!


There is some of that in the WWS TM, but not a fully-developed articulation of what the program is setting out to teach, and the steps it will take to get there, the way The Complete Writer does for the grammar stage.

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I really hope there is one, some day. But Im sure it would take longer to write than the Strong Fundamentals book, and I'm more anxious to see all the levels of WWS come out.


I thought I saw SWB post that she wasn't going to do an overview book, but changed her mind since then.

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