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MP vs. Great Books Academy for 7th


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Anyone have experience with either? DS is not interested in the online class portion of either one, and I doubt I would enroll in GBA for the extras like transcripts, grading, etc. I like how the lesson plans are set up with MP. Does MP have as much reading as GBA? We have just begun our search for middle and high school and I am clueless! MP seems more worksheety, and DS is more of an oral discussion kind of guy. I haven't seen the literature guides from GBA.


Any help is appreciated!

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That is my question too! How does it work? Great Books Academy looks to be just like Angelicum. What is the difference? How does it work? Do you get any guidence in reading these difficult books? As far as I can tell, the lesson plan for the Great Books class is a $10 packet of book report forms. I'm not sure that will be sufficient guidance for me. I don't have the time to read literary criticism and write my own lecture for every book we read.

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