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MFW Adventures question


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you can do whatever langauge arts, math, art, etc... but MFW does have recommendations for various age ranges in each of those.. So with Adventures in US History, you can scroll on their page for that program and it says what needs to be added. You don't have to use their recommendation (Singapore Math, Primary Language Lessons, and whatever it was for spelling and learning cursive, and foreign language), but you can use their recommendations, and they provide helps on using them. But if you like other LA and math... easy to sub. another easy way to do more in science in ADV... use all of the internet links in the usborne linked book they use, and book basket. and do the experiments again but in different ways. Then, if you want to do a full other program, you can (depending on time, interest and all of that).

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If I didn't use the recomendation for Primary Language Lessons and Spelling, would WWE and FLL be acceptable substitutes or would more be needed?


Nope, that would be fine. :)


Note that MFW *does* schedule in copywork, narrations, dictation, and memory work, so some specific assignments for language arts skills are included a la Charlotte Mason. Then the other recommendations for LA are to help "complete" -- much like other programs that might recommend R&S or Shurley or whatever. You basically just "do the next thing" in those. But on the MFW grid, rather than saying "PLL Lesson 11" (for example), Marie just put "English" so that you have it on the schedule and can plug in whatever you want here. If you like FLL, just do that where it says "English" on the grid, and if you prefer WWE over Writing Strands, then do that where WS is scheduled.


The copywork and other skills are more specifically scheduled, however.


And, agreeing with Crystal on the science. Try it as scheduled first.... use Book Basket (some of the BB books include more experiments and activities within them)... use internet links on Usborne.... and THEN add another science program if you still feel like you have the time and interest.

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