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Tarsal Cohesion--flat feet


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My son was recently diagnosed with Tarsal Cohesion meaning that his tarsal bones are fused together. So far the dr. thinks it is fibrous. It is causing him stress on his feet, legs and ankles. His ankle is weakened due to the stress on the bones and has been broken twice. We went in for the break only to find out is was a secondary problem. Is anyone familiar with this? Do you know what the normal treatment options are? Are you aware of any homeopathic treatment. I have googled a bit, but would like to hear from someone with experience. Thanks,

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I have never heard of this. I have some unusual feet issues. My advice is to hunt for a doctor who will listen to you. Every dr. I go to simply says surgery will be needed. If you do not want surgery, try a chiropractor. I am sorry your son has to deal with this.

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I think you are talking about tarsal coalition. My 48 year old maternal cousin was born with flat feet and have to wear custom-made orthotic for comfort. He finds it hard to run but otherwise did not need surgery.


This is what I can find about non-surgical treatment

"Treatments can include:

  • casts or walking boots
  • orthotics—special, custom-made shoe inserts that support affected joints
  • injection of an anesthetic and a steroid, such as cortisone, for temporary pain relief
  • anti-inflammatory medications
  • stretching and physical therapy" (http://www.childrens...ageS1030P4.html)

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