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Weird neuromuscular dr question


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Ds has seen a few neuros and orthos over the years. Many of them have had him take off his pants and run or walk in a hallway. Previously he couldn't give a hoot and would have completely stripped if asked! Lol.


He is FINALLY starting to care about others seeing him naked.


I assume the neuromuscular dr is going to want to see him in less than baggy sweat pants. Would tight pajama pants or leggings work? Should i grab some boxers or boxer briefs? Just bring all of the above?


In the exam room, i dont mind if he's in undies only (need to get some that fit him!), but if he has to leave the room, i dont want his minimal care of modesty to vanish.


During one neuro appt he was in undies running the hall and got away from us. He went to the waiting to play... Nearly naked! And didnt care about all the people.

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