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Your job position, as listed on Facebook


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Well, I think mine is really un-creative - 'stay at home mom/wife' or something like that. I do know that I listed my employer as God, which ended up being really funny because when I call people and they have my mobile number linked with the fb account, it says my name and beneath it 'God'. :lol: :lol:


I would like to put 'headmistress at ________' ....I've just never been able to come up with a school name. Sigh.

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Quick question: how do you describe your job position on Facebook? I thought I could have fun with mine, but I'm in need of inspiration...



Well, it used to be Freelance Development Nerd and Grantwriter back when I had the delusion that I could make room for my old clients and still have sufficient time for homeschooling and the kids. not in this season of life. Now, I just list myself as Pepper Pickler in part due to a link posted by someone from here who I am FB friends with. That's my silly way of saying homemaker.

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