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Wow!! Friedman and Hayek for kids :-)


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My DH just sent this to me - looks so cool! http://www.kickstart...enture-series-f

We’re planning for the first six books in the book series to include:

  • Under the Staircase: Meeting Milton (Milton Friedman)
  • Under the Staircase: Hello Hayek! (Friedrich Hayek)
  • Under the Staircase: Talking to Thomas (Thomas Sowell)
  • Under the Staircase: Waiting for Walter (Walter Williams)
  • Under the Staircase: Asking Adam (Adam Smith)
  • Under the Staircase: Adventures with Ayn (Ayn Rand)




They are looking for backers to make the project happen. Might be something to consider for the free-market fans out there - please pass along! :D

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