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Any Waldorf users out here? ? for you - Math by hand


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So, I am in year 2 of hsing. Using TWTM for most everything. My middle dd is a very hands on Right brain learner. I got intrigued by a post on living books. She loves LOF, but I am interested in Math by Hand from the Sacramento Home School. I know NOTHING about Waldorf though, so I don't know if I want to even go down this road. Any thoughts? Any other Waldorf people out there who are doing something they love?

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I'm heading further and further down the road into anthroposophcal & biodynamic spirituality land, so I am probably no help. Their are a number of people who have done Math by Hand threads if you search though. It wouldn't be good if you were not into crafty things, or need a "set out" curriculum, or disliked manipulatives, I believe someone also said something about weird font. It leads in the way of Kitchen Table Maths and similar in that it has "subjects" of maths, and not a set out lesson by lesson curriculum (although I think someone said she was looking into that)


If your looking for a set out curriculum, but don't mind the fussiness of setting up and lots of manipulatives, Right Start Maths is a possibility. Perhaps if looking for a cheaper alternative along the lines of Math by Hand, look at Gnomes & Gnumbers (free I think, at least it will give you an idea) or A Little Garden Flowers Math. Then if you like those, it would give you a better understanding of whether you wanted to purchase Math By Hand or not.I


I am not against them (quite the opposite, I am in love with it and looking to purchase it as another supplement alongside the rest of my waldorf maths) but I know what I would be getting, I just don't want you shelling out the $$$ without understanding waldorf maths. :)


HTH xxx

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