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Looks like we may actually be moving! Homeschooling in Oregon?


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You all have been so helpful in thinking through the moving situation.


Thank you to whoever mentioned Sherwood, OR! We went there and loved it but found a community that we absolutely adore not too far from there. We made an offer on a prebuild that has been accepted contingent upon our home in CA selling.


So, for those in OR, what should I know about homeschooling? I will have a high school senior and a 3rd grader. We will be about 25 miles west of Portland.


I can't believe my long term desire to leave CA is close to coming true! :D


Thanks for any help!

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Homeschooling in Oregon is fairly simple. You will need to send a letter of intent to homeschool any of your children who turned 7 before September 1st of whatever school year you are starting, to the local ESD. You will then be required to test your kids at the end of 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th grade. Depending on your local ESD's rules you will either need to send a copy of the test in or just keep them on record at home. This link can answer any of your other questions.

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