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Today is the first. Of course the landlord calls

Guest inoubliable

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Guest inoubliable

now that he has a phone number for me.




I didn't answer the phone. Yes, the rent is due today. Yep, the check went out. I can see the confirmation on USAA's website.


Even if the snow and ice wreaks havoc on the postal system and the check doesn't arrive here in VA from TX today....it's not late until the 6th. Calm down, you'll have it by then. Not answering your calls, not answering the door, not calling you back. Unless you leave me a message saying that you're coming by with a handyman to fix all the crap that's wrong in this house, the only contact I'm having with you is through USAA's brilliant bill paying service or if the house is on fire.


I just *know* he wants to come by and pick up a check from me. This, after months of sending the check straight from our bank. To his home address, just as the lease states. Just as before, every 4 or 5 months he wants to change something. Can he pick it up, can I drop it off here, can I mail it here instead?


How about you replace the broken kitchen faucet, buddy?




And I was having such a good day half an hour ago.

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