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What book after Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

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I've finally found a book that my two reluctant readers will devour--Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Now I know some people don't like these books because they can be sort of rude, but I'm ok with them. :) (They are pretty darn funny.)


I need some recommendations on where to go from here. One son is 5th grade and the other is 2nd. They both read fairly well, they just haven't fallen in love with it. TIA

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The older one might like Spiderwick Chronicles but it might be a little hard for the 2nd grader. Geramino Stilton is another good one.



I don't know if I could ever get him to read those! He watched the movie and for months afterwards referred to it as "that horrible movie." I think he slept in our bed for a week.

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My son who *loves* Diary of a Wimpy Kid also like Dan Gutman books. He writes The Genius Files as well as the weird school books...Miss Daisy is Crazy, Mr Klutz is Nuts, Miss Holly is Jolly etc.

Another book he just got into is Lemony Snicket Who Could That Be at This Hour? The best way to describe that mystery book is to think of a "what's wrong with this picture" from highlights but in written form. It's a really awesome book!

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