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Monthly Book Club -Last Child in the Woods

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This is a PSA.


1) The Monthly Book Club has moved to the Chat Board. We belong there because we are not specifically discussing homeschooling issues.


How to find us:

Click "Forums."

Scroll down the page of Forums listed to find "The Chat Board." It's near the bottom.

The title is "MBC Feb13 Last Child in the Woods."


2) I have started a thread for Last Child in the Woods for February 2013. It is here. (This is the Chat Board).


3) If you caught this announcement and it is on the 2nd or 3rd page of topics, please bump it so others can find us.


(For those who don't know, we started the MBC on this "General Education Discussion Board" and have had two MBC threads here already to discuss the plausibility of the club and to vote on books. We are now transitioning to the Chat board and trying to get everyone moved who wants to participate.)

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