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Reading Roadmaps without Teaching the Classics


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Has anyone used Reading Roadmaps without Teaching the Classics? The price on TtC is too steep for me at the moment, but I'd love to do some lit analysis w/my kids and RR looks like it could fit the bill nicely. I'm looking for something that will guide us through a readaloud (preferably a classic) and give me some general discussion points as well as ideas for writing assignments. Would RR work? If you've used RR did you like it? Why or why not? TIA!

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I haven't actually used these things yet, so consider my comments accordingly.


I bought RR for the same purpose you did. I did not buy Teaching the Classics.

RR is mainly a book list by grade. There are charts which list the book title, one or two sentences about the plot, conflict, theme, aids/devices, and alternate titles. This is in chart form, so that there are no descriptions, just lists of points. The books are not discussed individually, but a few general guidelines are given for literature discussions by grade level.


I am mostly sorry that I bought RR, but perhaps I will use it.


I read Deconstructing Penguins and am going to try using that this year, including the book lists that are included. This book seems like it may work better than RR. However, we have not started our lit discussions for our "book club" yet, so I can't give you any advice from real experience.

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So isn't there anything for writing assignments? I thought there was. :/


I have gone through TTC and currently have done the story chart diagram with my kids for several children's books like Beatrix Potter stories. They are doing great with mapping out the elements -- characters, setting, exposition, rising action, climax, denoument, conclusion, theme, conflict. I was thinking Reading Roadmaps might be good to enhance what they are doing, particularly as they do more on their own, but I was especially hoping for more as we move into the realm of writing. I'm not sure that I'm satisfied with their book choices.... to me I don't see many of what I consider "classics" although maybe I need to be more accepting??


You know, TTC has bunches of questions in the back.... I wonder if those could be expanded more for writing? I'll have to pull that out again....

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