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Need Disney Help FAST!


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I've got an open ticket to make a 7:30am reservation for a character breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The park opens at 9am on that day. I've got questions before I hit the submit button!


#1: Can we park directly at the Contemporary Resort for our breakfast & then leave our car there all day?

#2: After breakfast, we plan to take the monorail into the Magic Kingdom- is this relatively easy to do? How long does it take?

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I have left my car there all day and was not a Contemporary guest. I know, I know, you aren't supposed to, but I have done it. No towing, no ticket. I didn't mean to leave it there that long.




Park for breakfast, then move your car to MK, and pay the parking fee. Unless you're staying on property, then parking is free. Or do what ChristusG said. But don't leave your car at the Contemporary all day. You will be towed.

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1. You can use Vallet and just leave your car all day.


2. It will be quicker to walk to Magic Kingdom than to ride the monorail. The monorail goes the long way to the Magic Kingdom (Contemporary then Ticket center then Polynesian, then Grand Floridian and finally Magic Kingdom.)


I like the suggestion of parking at the ticket and transportation center and then taking the monorail to Contemporary but you'd probably need to park around 7am to get to the meal by 7:30 if you do that.

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