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If you use workboxes...?

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Is it tedious to fill them every night? I'm afraid it won't get done. Maybe I could fill them in the morning, I tend to have more energy then. But I'm afraid I'll just get tired of doing it all the time and it will all go out the window.


How does it work with teacher-intensive subjects with multiple children? I'm afraid that even if I stagger the subjects I would run into problems of them all needing me at once. For example, RS math, AAS, AAR, WWE 2, etc.


Other experiences? Love? Hate? I'd definitely use the drawers, not the shoeboxes or a file folder box.


I have one set of those colourful 10-drawer rolling carts. I intend to fill these (I was thinking weekly) for my 3yo. She wants to be at the school table with us and I thought workboxes would really help with activities for her. Then it occurred to me that it would be good for my new preppie (k'er) too. And then I thought, maybe my 8yo would like it too. It would help him see exactly how much he had to get done for the day and help him be a bit more independent. I'm just afraid the whole system would be too much for me to maintain. I told my dh about it and he thinks it is a great idea. I could go get the extra drawers this weekend, we start our new school year next week. (Calendar year, ps just started here.)





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Tried it, didn't work for us. I ended up just filling the boxes with markers and stuff for the kids to do and/or with the book we would be using etc. I think they way I was using wasn't the way it was intended so I just got another bookcase....I think it could work - it just wasn't working for us.

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We love workboxes here. I make a weekly schedule of what will be in the boxes each day. That way I'm not deciding the night before or the morning of. I already have a schedule and then I just put what's needed in each box first thing in the morning. All the work/planning is done on the weekend. I try to stagger what's in their boxes so that they don't all need me at the same time. If more than one person needs me at the same time then I ask them to move onto another more independent box until I can come and help them. Does that help? I have a pinterest board with all kinds of workbox ideas... how to manage them, how to schedule, how to set them up, etc. if you'd like the link. We use the drawers and not boxes or file folders.

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