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Spelling for 7th grader- R&S Spelling or Vocab from Classical Roots?

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My 12 yo will be a 7th grader next year. We're through AAS 4 and she's been doing Spelling Wisdom from SCM. Spelling is not her strength, but she is a VSL and a quick learner. The AAS program has been AMAZING for her. But it is too expensive to continue with my budget and was getting too easy. I was thinking of Rod & Staff Spelling or Vocabulary From Classical Roots. I have A & B of VCR but R&S seems more phonetic. Can anyone who has used them compare them? I have never actually used either. Thanks!

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I am doing the R & S book 6 with my 7th grader. From what I understand, that is the last book that does mainly phonetics, and then the 7 book (& 8) go more into roots. We have been working through the 6 book at a faster pace, and will go into the 7 book by March. My DD is a pretty good speller, but I wanted a little bit of phonetics instruction. However, I must say that I don't really find there is much along the lines of the spelling rules, and I was hoping for more of that. Still seems like a solid program though.

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