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CLE math/LA for 6th-8th?

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We switched to CLE in conjunction with Miquon and now the Keys to Series, DS has made leaps and bounds in math although it is still painfully slow a lot of days. We started with the 300 series in august, and whizzed through it, and are now in 403 and have slowed down quite a bit. But he seems to be getting it, and there are very few meltdowns.


Right now we are doing math 7 days a week, and we still skip some of the questions simply because they are too redundant or I know he knows it well, and we need to move forward as much as possible to be caught up. Hopefully we will finish the 400 series by mid summer.


I am thinking ahead to actual middle school level work, and that there is a small private catholic school that we are going to be looking as well as a couple of part time options in the city. I just want him to be able to easily transition into whatever we decide as a family is best for him!



Do you have any opinions on how close we are to typical 6th grade level in a public or small not hugely advanced but quality private school?


I am also looking at their LA 500 as a good review to be ready for upper level grammar/english work?


I am considering Lial's BCM for 6th grade, it looks like a good transition to textbooks, and that it would make sure we had all the basics covered for pre-algebra. But maybe we should stick with CLE for longer.

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I'm not sure when the best point to switch is, but somebody had recently posted about how she not only skips LU 1 for each level of CLE math (like I always have), but she also skips 8, 9 and 10 since very little (or no??) new material presented in those LUs. If your child doesn't need the repetition, that may be one way to get ahead more quickly.


I used CLE LA for a number of years, but Hake has been much better for us. Both my kids have learned so much more with Hake and it really sticks with them. My kids have also used IEW along with Hake (we just use Hake for grammar) and my son has been using WWS. I really like WWS.

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I can't really answer your questions about preparing for public or private school or when to switch to something else, but I will echo what Pastel said about the L.A. I'm a huge fan of CLE math, but CLE L.A. really bogged us down. I tried it with my oldest a couple years ago. He's currently using Hake's grammar with no complaints at all - good instruction, plenty of review, but still efficient use of time. You might take a look at Hake before you decide for sure.

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