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how teacher intensive/time consuming is Mapping the world through Art?


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My 11 year old does it independently, but she only does the actual mapping. We don't do any of the extra activities, and I haven't really looked at them, so I couldn't say if a child would need help with the extras or not. The first week I went through it with her, and that was all that was needed (and really, she probably could have figured the first week out on her own as well).


ETA: It takes her anywhere from about 10-40 minutes depending on the day.

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We've only done the videos for Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece so far. I just keep watercolor paper, (we paint ours) pencils, erasers, and sharpies around, set up a table in front of the TV, put the disc in, find the map we're doing, and pause it at each step of the drawing. My 7 year old did just fine with them so far, but Greece was a challenge. She didn't use it for China because that's a really tough map to draw. I set aside an hour so we don't have to feel rushed and we can go back and look at each step again if necessary. Painting them is done the next day.


I bought it for the cartography, not the history of map-making, so I only use the videos. I do it at the beginning of a unit, and as we go along in our studies I have her add in any geographical features that weren't in the video with ink.

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