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Printing Pictures with online sites


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I know there are lots of sites where you can order prints online but I've just never done this. I've heard of snapfish but I'm sure there is others.


Here's what I'm wondering. Baby was born about 2 weeks ago. Photographer comes through and takes pictures in the hospital. Prints are very pricey through them. You can order a CD (still very pricey) but it comes with a release that I can print whatever I want. So if I take my CD can I simply upload the photos and order them online (for a fraction of the cost) or will there still be a hassle because they were professionally taken and copyrighted? I'm not sure how much effort it will take to do this and wondering if saving money by printing elsewhere will be worth it if it's hard to get photos printed even with a release.


As you can tell, I'm clueless about this. I want to get some prints down but I'm not in the state of mind where I want to put much effort into it. Anybody know if this will be easy for me to get done or should I just suck it up and by the expensive ones from the photographer?



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