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Are your kids having good retention with Spelling City? (free version)


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We use it occasionally while going for walks on the Ipad for word generation.


A friend just recently recommended megawords as a program and I find this layout very adaptable as part of a spelling program. I added to the sheets for places I thought could use some extra review.


I really think that understanding the origins of words is important. We use a lot of Quizlet too.


Overall, Spelling City is a nice add on and change of pace. There's lots of ways to use it depending on the focus length of the child and what you are after.


I see Vocabulary as a separate subject from spelling, but that's just me.

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I have two kids. dd9 has retained a lot and enjoys it! She is also my kid who pretests at 75%. She routinely get 100% after a few games. I'd say she's almost a natural speller.


My special needs ds12 who spells at a grade 1 level, has improved with his spelling but sometimes I'm not sure if it's just laziness or he doesn't remember. Today in his Math book every time he had to write the words "odd number" he wrote obb.


The dr's say he's not dyslexic. When I asked him to read what he wrote he said "obb". I made him erase each mistake and correct it.

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