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Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

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Schooling with a newborn   <gently> There is no harm in waiting until the babe is four or five years old before beginning formal school work.

Broken Jaw - need recipe Take one chin. Administer one fist in swift uppercut. Let sit.

Getting tired of puppy brains! What to do?     There really are a lot of other menu options, even if you just wanted to branch out to other types of brains. I would go and browse your local grocer

How Can I Fall in Love?


Well, a lot of people are meeting up online now, but you shouldn't discount traditional places like churches and bars (see other thread).


NOT trying to be political . . . does something like this exist?


Why, yes.  It's called being apolitical.

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Would you spay a pregnant cat?

Absolutely not!!!!  (but I might pay a vet to do it if s/he thought it was medically necessary)


Can Apraxia effect how my son writes his letters?

Well, let's try a similar example for comparison. Can deafness affect how my son hears music? Well, then, there ya go!

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Help for greasy hair!


Well, there are several ways to get greasy hair.


1. Stop showering/ bathing and let nature take its course


2. Apply grease/fat/oil of your choice. My children have preferred petroleum jelly to make their own hair greasy.

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Rules for kids online. What blocking software do you use?


OK kids line up.

Where's the line?

I gotta potty!

Is it time to go?


I could make a fortune on software that blocked every word and action that didn't involve getting homeschoolers to get in a straight line.

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