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Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

Chelle in MO

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I just love watching the lightbulb go on


Um... okay. Usually it happens too fast for me to really enjoy. And if it's in the middle of the night or the morning I usually hate it. Or when the kids turn it on and off over and over.


I love this thread btw!

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healthcare - bronze or silver?


I know someone who takes colloidal silver (which I wouldn't recommend - it can turn you a grayish blue). Never heard of people using bronze for medical reasons. I suggest finding an MD?

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lol how much did they take? I imagine a lot. Like eating too many carrots turns you orange.



She's not blue yet. From the internet, I get the impression it varies per person how much it takes. Carrots temporarily make you orange (if you eat a LOT for some stretch of time). Silver has cumulative effects, happens quite suddenly when it happens, and is more or less permanent (although apparently there is some sort of laser treatment that helps now). The person I know says that it's in nanoparticles and that the bottle says it won't make you blue (because they're nanoparticles - and we all know we should trust everything any manufacturer says, right). FWIW, there is no scientific evidence that drinking colloidal silver helps for any medical condition. I'd understand using it if there was no normal healthcare, or maybe even if you have some possibly lethal condition and you're like "why not?", but as a normal part of your preventive healthcare routine... no.

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Chihuahua vs. New Foster Baby


I'd put my money on the chihuahau for the match.  Chihuahua's have teeth and babies don't.  Though depending on the size of the baby, it could roll over and squash the chihuahua!  


Every time I read that thread title, I kept thinking that if you have to ask people on the internet whether to get a dog or a foster baby, you should probably just stick to a dog (or neither). Reminds me of a joke I've heard in the past, about a couple wanting a dog but the landlord didn't allow pets, so they had a baby instead.

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Crazy Questions About Flying




Do you wear a cape?  Are your undies worn over your man-tights?  Black mask?  How do you like your kryptonite?




Got a broom?  Is it like a Roomba...or more like a jet-powered corn-broom?  What exactly do you use for jet-propulsion?  I'm tempted to break out some potty humor, but you must use some sort of gas, right?  








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Are you an obvious homeschooler?




Girl, I can explain the difference between a Spalding Spin-Off and Synthetic Phonics.  I can tell at a glance how "Asian" your math is. I remember the Math Wars. I fought the good fight with battle scars to prove it. Conceptualize THAT!  


Honey, I can nurse a 25lb toddler, dictate a spelling lesson, and help the 8yo with his word problem all at the same time!  I probably have dinner in the crockpot too. (Don't worry.  We take our carts back at the grocery store.) 



Have you SEEN my bookshelves!?!  Not those!  (Actual books...)  A whole shelf dedicated to books authored by SWB... 



What gives it away?  Is it the Ticonderoga #2 that holds my bun into place?  The distant look in my eyes as I try to remember my middle name or where I left the coffee cup that I just.had.in.my.hand?



Shall I wear the denim jumper?



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Bras---are there any COMFORTABLE ones for ladies with a full bookshelf?


I don't know. But I suspect they're easier to find for ladies with full bookshelves than for ladies with half-full bookshelves. Lopsidedness probably makes bra-fitting harder.

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s/o Names -- How did you get yours???

Um...my parents gave it to me at birth.


Fun question: Something you've dreamed of doing

Using the bathroom uninterrupted.


I need a new deodorant

Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but yeah.... :leaving:


Burnout? I'd love some advice

Press down partway on the brakes while you step hard on the gas pedal. Oh, and you will need new tires when you are done.


My 6 year old was given an iPad, how can I protect him?

Apple devices aren't known for their spontaneous attacks, so I wouldn't worry.

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"Counting" as HS courses taken in 8th




I don't think learning to count could be considered a High School course, and definitely not more than one!  I don't care when they take it.





That said, there is a discrete math textbook my wife used in college that has a 55 page chapter on counting, and a 70 page chapter on advanced counting techniques. So, counting could probably count for *some* high school credit if you wanted it to.

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