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Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

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Broken Jaw - need recipe Take one chin. Administer one fist in swift uppercut. Let sit.

Schooling with a newborn   <gently> There is no harm in waiting until the babe is four or five years old before beginning formal school work.

Getting tired of puppy brains! What to do?     There really are a lot of other menu options, even if you just wanted to branch out to other types of brains. I would go and browse your local grocer

IDs for children flying?

Hang glider, slingshot, or catapult. I herd that pterodactyls were once a choice that went out of fashion. Stay away from umbrellas, I here they cause E.R. cases. Speaking of which a helmet is highly recommended. You could do a unit on physics. Nothing like learning while flying. 

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Cooking with your kids




Slow cooking is best. They can be tough to chew roasted or fried.  I like plenty of garlic and onions on mine.  It helps to cover the fishy smell.  For your own sanity, eat the loud one first.

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Messy Child Advice




Easy, start by rubbing your hands through their hair rigorously. Then get some chocolate sauce and squirt it onto their clean shirt. Bingo! you have a messy child under a couple of minutes.


Anything else you want advice about?

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Any hearing aid experts on here?


What?? Could you speak up?


How long (miles) do you expect a car to last?


Until I can afford to buy a new one.


What do you keep?

Everything except my sanity.


Questions on the logistics and how-tos fasting (for spiritual purposes)

Don't eat


Minneapolis Afternoon Activity needed

Naps are my favorite afternoon activity.  I am sure you are allowed to nap in Minneapolis too.



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what would you pack? a moving question...

Everything but the kids and the pets, dearie.



Scheduling Issues -WWYD?

I tend to let issues pop up at will, but if you prefer to schedule them, then I recommend no more than one per day.



Joining a co-op where you don't exactly fit it?

As I see it, your choices are to either find a co-op with bigger doorways or lose weight.



Charter School - how to find?

I would recommend google maps or mapquest.

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Martial arts - I don't know where to start


Most of the disciplines I have seen start with bowing in



Help Me Learn to Be Assertive


No.  (hint: lesson #1 = don't take "no" for an answer)


How to Eat Sauerkraut


:ack2: I don't know why you would want to, but if you must my best guess would be a fork.  I suppose you could use your fingers but that seems very messy.

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