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MCP Math B question


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ok, now that we've decided against Bob Jones, could someone please tell me if the TM is necessary for MCP math at the second grade (B) level?


Can you tell I'm trying to do my RRC order today? :)


Thanks a bunch!



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I use my MCP B TM every day. Others will say you don't need it. I like to have it for the mental math warm-up questions; daily review that I write on the white board with ds; lesson presentation directions; and the mixed-practice we do orally at the end of a lesson. I also like to have the TM bec. it has the student page minimized (with answers). I can look at that and read the story problems or talk about the work without having to see ds's sheet.


I'm a big fan of the MCP TM, but I know others day they don't need it. I feel it helps me be an effective, confident, relaxed teacher. I'm not pulling at straws to come with explanations or examples. I saves me energy, which is a big deal for me.


So that my plug for the TM! You can find it used on the web for cheaper than RR. You're using the 1994 ed., right? Used copies usually abound for that ed.



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That was exactly what I needed to hear. I love all those little extras that are in TMs without me having to strain my brain for them - I'd rather strain it elsewhere!


Thanks again for your help -


:) Penny

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