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dyslexia eval next week!

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I'm excited and anxious about my oldest (9 yo boy) finally getting a dyslexia evaluation. The weird thing, though, is they didn't tell me what to expect at ALL. Not how long it would take, what test is used, whether it is written or oral... nothing. So I have no idea what the plan is.


She did say she would email me some forms so maybe there will also be some info in there when I get it (I hope).


Just wanted to share. I would be SHOCKED if he isn't dyslexic. I'm hoping to get some good advice / access to tutors or something that will help him overcome it.

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What are the credentials of the person doing the evaluation?


If she doesn't give you the information about what tests she'll use and how long it will take, etc., when she emails you the forms, you could email her back and ask. Sometimes evaluators start with a typical list of tests they use and tweak the exact ones during the testing session, based what they see during the early part of the session. So you might not get an exact list, but she should be able to tell you what functions will be tested, and perhaps name at least a couple of the tests. For a dyslexia evalation, at minimum, there should be evaluation of listening comprehension, oral expression, reading functions (phonemic awareness, rapid naming, decoding, fluency, reading comprehension), and writing functions (spelling, sentence level composition, and paragraph level composition, if appropriate). If you are having a full psychoeducational eval, then there would be an IQ and an achievement test. The depth of listening comprehension and oral expression testing may not be that strong, but there should be at least a couple of screening measures to determine whether written language is discrepant with oral language and whether there are oral language weaknesses that should be evaluated in greater depth by a speech/language pathologist. Check out the DyslexiaHelp website for more information on testing.


Something to remember about dyslexia: it's a genetic brain-wiring difference, so once a dyslexic always a dyslexic. :-) The good news is that dyslexia often comes with significant strengths that begin to shine through by adulthood when children are allowed time to develop those talents while they continue to work on their well-known dyslexic weaknesses in reading and writing (and sometimes other language processing challenges). Have you seen the book, The Dyslexic Advantage, yet? It's by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide who have dedicated their time recently to helping the world to see that dyslexia is not a curse but often comes with gifts that can develop when people understand how to educate dyslexic children.


ETA: Hope all goes well during the testing session!

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If I had a nickel for every person I know who's gone in saying dyslexia and come out with another label, I could at least afford an ice cream. ;) Ditto what Marie said though to call them. They know in general what they're doing and they know how long they plan to spend. They should be willing to tell you that. This is through the school or private? We dealt with private.


Hopefully the testing will be very informative for you! :)

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