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We discovered this EPGY courses last summer,and our son (7years) is extremely passionate about this. He completed his LAW - 6grade recently and have got excellent scores.


When I speak to his PS school teacher, she doesn't seem to notice him as a bright, and give very average remarks on his reading, writing ,english etc...


Will these both curves meet someday? Where is the disconnect? It seems that learning is totally different from applying. How can I make it intersect?


Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

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Have you been able to look over his classroom work? I ask because although my daughter scored very advanced in spelling on her Stanford 10, she's in the "medium" spelling group in her class. This is because her brain is typically working faster than her hands and she makes countless silly spelling errors in her everyday writing. If you saw her work, you may think she was advanced in her overall writing structure but lacking in spelling. Yet she always score 100's on the quizzes. Maybe his teacher is seeing something similar and not able to fully recognize his strengths.

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