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Concerned about weight loss in dd14

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Dd14 is profoundly MR and autistic, but medically healthy. I've noticed for the past several months that she seems thinner to me, but, knowing she is well nourished and getting older, figured she thinned out a bit because of getting taller. It struck me, however, while showering her the other day just HOW thin she looked, and upon weighing her found her to be 10 pounds lighter (75 pounds from 85 pounds) I was shocked and immediately call the doctor. She had a full set of labs and will meet with the doctor tomorrow for the results.


I'm concerned because I know she is eating the same amount as before (we feed her so I know exactly what she eats, which is a LOT. She loves food:) Her bowel and bladder habits are the same (she is incontinent of both).


Has anyone had a child lose weight around adolescence? More than a 10% drop in weight is making me very anxious . . .



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Does she have Down's syndrome? The incidence of Celiac disease in children with Down's syndrome is around 5% which is higher than the population average. If she has Down's, I would have her checked to rule out celiac.


I would also have her seen by a Pediatric GI doctor to check for other medical issues since you are dealing with a child who may not be a good self reporter of what is happening.


Hopefully, this is just a normal growth spurt, but you will sleep better knowing you checked out any medical issues.


Good luck!

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