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If you are losing your mind...


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At what point do you go see your doctor? What about one incident a month? I'm talking MAJOR memory lapses.



I had major memory lapses before I went on thyroid meds. My numbers weren't even that off, but they were slightly out of the normal range. Prior to the meds, I would ask someone a question, they would answer, I'd ask again, they'd answer and by the 4th time, I'd ask them if I'd already asked them this. And this would be within 10 minutes. The other big sign was that I left my keys in the car and let the car battery die 8 times in 2 months. This is something that I just never did and I had no idea why it kept happening all of a sudden.


I also forgot things like a huge refund we had received from the IRS. I stuffed it in a drawer and just happened to come across it. And it's not like we're wealthy and could have just thrown that money away. I just completely forgot about it. I also forgot that the mortgage company had sent corrected papers by courier for us to sign. We went through signing all of the old papers with a notary and then a few days later I stumbled across the new paperwork. Again, not normal.


All that immediately went away with a low dose of meds, though I did have to try more than one to find something I could tolerate. Synthroid turned me into an insomniac, but I do just fine with the generic, which totally went against everything I had read.

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I have to ditto what Pastel said. I was off meds for two months when I "broke up" with my previous thyroid doctor and was not organized enough to get in to see someone else. I was a mess ... repeating myself, forgetting stuff (like appointments where they charge you if you miss), eating two lunches forgetting that I had just eaten, etc. It got so bad, I was afraid to drive. I am back on meds and I make sense now, but I am still dealing with debilitating fatigue.

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Is there any explanation for it? (such as medications, alcohol, major stress, lack of sleep, etc.) Is it sudden and completely out of character for you? I think at any point you are worried about it you just go see someone. I don't freak when I have a memory lapse. It happens. In fact I welcome it because I remember everything and I don't want to. But if I started feeling worried about it I'd just go see someone.

Possibly - I'm on a medication that lists possible effects on "cognitive functioning."


...It got so bad, I was afraid to drive...

My lapses haven't been as bad as what you described, but this is what I'm worried about - that I'm starting to question my own judgment and memory.


...I also forgot things like a huge refund we had received from the IRS. I stuffed it in a drawer and just happened to come across it. ....

This is similar to some of the lapses I've had in recent months.


As far as what triggered my question today. I was 100% sure I had done something - I mean there's NO WAY I hadn't done it. Then when the evidence piled up that it hadn't been done, I freaked out. I was just SO sure! Both my teens were home and witnessed my complete meltdown. I was crying so hard they thought someone had died. It was just a scary experience, being confronted with evidence that contradicted something I was so sure of. And probably scary for my kids, too, although they were sweet and told me I'm not crazy. :)


I called dh at work earlier and talked to him about this incident and mentioned that there were others, and he said,"Welcome to my world!" He says these are normal things - people make mistakes. But what's bugging me is that it's not normal for ME, as a couple of you have mentioned.


I guess I'll go to the doctor just to be sure. I want to go to my GP because I love her, but my oncologist prescribed the possibly offending drug. But she's so...brusque.


Thanks, all, for your kind words.

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I have a lot of word-finding issues. There are sometimes long pauses while I try to think of a work, you know, like French toast. Not complex words at all. I think I am just tired and have too many responsibilities, but sometimes I think I am outside the range of normal. Also, once a few years back, I renewed my drivers license by mail but forgot I had done it so I went to the DPS to do it, waited in line and all that jazz. Then, the lady told me it had already been renewed by mail, and I insisted that I had not done this. I was up late that night fearing that someone had stolen my identity. At some point I checked and saw that I had written a check to the DPS for my renewal. For what's worth, I usually am very responsible and on top of things. I just have a few lapses. That one was a doozy, though...(maybe this will make you feel a bit better)

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